Eco design: meet the European designers leading the way

read | March 19, 2021

Eco design (and designers) are making their name in circular economy, but this will take time to be at the forefront of our shopping habits. We currently use a linear model, where we produce, purchase, and discard. This has led to depletion of resources and a whole lot of waste. Protecting the environment needs to be an integral part of every designer and manufacturer’s strategy.

Our list outlines sustainable and innovative creations and designers that utilise aspects of the circular economy in their work. They are courageously paving the way towards sustainable design, focusing on aesthetics and quality while minimising their environmental impact.

Sustainable office furniture

Eco designer Samuel Accoceberry; sustainable furniture

Eco designer Samuel Accoceberry created a series called Kompa, modern sustainable office furniture for the Kataba brand. The set was created based on eco design principles set by Kataba and Mu Cooperative. It includes a desk with discreet storage spaces, and a bench all made of recycled materials and wood. 

Ebooks about circular economy and sustainable design

Ana and Marlon combined their experiences in advertising, communication, and industrial design to create SOMA Studio Milano. It is an agency that focuses on researching the restorative power of design. Design works with science to create a more circular and sustainable world. This motivated Ana and Marlon to be part of this revolution. In their ebooks such as Materials Matter, and Designing a better future through sustainability, well-being & heritage, SOMA Studio Milano reunite European interior design fairs and circularity-based research in inspiring trend reports.

Eco furniture with vegan leather

Philippe Starck focuses on the ethical and humanist approach to design with a vision for a more sustainable planet, which leads to unique projects. Said unique projects include a collection of eco furniture pieces using Apple Ten Lork, leather made from apple peels. Philippe collaborated with Cassina, a high-end furniture brand for this set. Apple Ten Lork is made by Frumat, a circular Italian company that recycles waste to produce eco-friendly products. The apple leather consists of a mixture of apple waste (core and skin) and biological industrial waste materials. 

Wallpapers made from recycled paper

Eco designer Cecile; eco design wallpaper

The founder of the wallpaper brand Bien Fait, Cécile Figuette, combines art, culture, beauty, and poetry in wallpapers. They are designed with high-quality, long-lasting recycled materials that are produced with minimal waste, no unnecessary packaging, and no overproduction. Cécile produces all the wallpapers locally in France and Belgium. The wallpapers do not contain PVC (synthetic plastic polymer that can contain dangerous chemical additives) or VOCs (harmful breathable chemicals). The recycled paper comes from printing contractors that recycle all their waste, and designed with water-based ink. Producing less costs more than producing mass quantities, but Cécile stands by her choice to produce in a sustainable manner. 

Sustainable homeware using recycled stones, plastic, and fabric

NoMA manufactures homeware by combining aesthetics and quality with sustainability. NoMA proves that beauty can go hand in hand with responsible manufacturing. By attempting to change the perception of waste and recycled products, NoMA targets customers who have an eye for design and a sense of responsibility towards the environment. NoMA makes waste-based furniture pieces almost entirely of recycled materials such as stone, marble, plastic, and fabric. Their chairs use 93% recycled materials; 81.2% for the armchairs, 89.5% for the consoles.

This list of talented designers that create innovative and beautiful products using sustainable practices is inspiring, and growing everyday. With an eco awakening in the design world, a new dawn of circularity is settling in. Stay tuned for our next selections.

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