Less than 9% of the world is circular.

Up to now, the economy has been a linear one.
In a linear economy we take raw materials, create products, use them, and dispose of them. This has severe negative consequences for our planet. A pile of unprocessed waste, climate change, overconsumption …
There is an urgent necessity to shift our consumption and production habits.
Sustainable production & consumption is a must, an absolute minimum even, but we need to go a level deeper in order to protect the earth’s resources: embracing circularity and circular economy in all layers of our lives.  

Only 9 % of the world is circular. We have a long way to go…  Every step matters. The sooner the better. 

Circularity is THE way forward: 
waste is reused and repurposed into new products, rather than using raw materials.

Circular economy paves the way to regenerating and repurposing waste, and allows us to valorise it. It means recreating new products with minimum or no waste, until their next lifecycle, in another form.

Waste, after all, is beautiful and has role to play. Now and in the future.

circular economy explanation

It is a journey of pioneering and experimenting on the rhythm of the circular revolution.
Together with us, you can be the driving force!

Our Vetting Process or how we select our brand partners and give access to Ccrave 

We commit to bring you the best circular brands & products, carefully selected by our circular vetting process. Each brand is carefully audited on several factors, with a focus on environmental impact, social fairness and green logistics such as packaging & delivery.


Protecting the earth’s resources is the primary drive of this pillar . Regenerating and repurposing materials to create new products. Embracing the 5 dimensions of circularity:

Reduce: Using design and manufacturing technology to lower material, energy, and waste footprints.

Reuse: Offering subscription, leasing or sharing models, rather than basing business on one-off sales.

Remake: Designing products than can be more easily repaired or “re-manufactured’ into new products.

Recover: Turning waste into new products or adding recycled content to products and packaging.

Renew: Substituting renewable for finite materials and focusing more on sustainable sourcing.

Social Fairness

Working conditions and remuneration for all those involved should be fair, equitable, and sustainable.


From the warehouse to delivery, packaging, and office logistics, we aim for greener options for our curated partners.

We believe in transparency. All our selected brands have opened their books to share their process and build a trusting relationship with Ccrave.

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