Circular Monday: your conscious alternative to Black Friday!

read | November 17, 2021

You are probably familiar with the concept of Black Friday and might even be planning to shop some bargains on this date. Indeed it is a great moment to save some money, but if you are reading this, we bet you care about the environment and know the damages overconsumption is causing to our planet. So as a more sustainable alternative to the shopping extravaganza promoted by Black Friday, we present you the Circular Monday!

Circular Monday is a movement inspired by the Circular Economy. According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, a circular economy is based on three principles: eliminating waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use and regenerating natural systems. Following this idea, Circular Monday it’s about repairing, upcycling, redesigning, recycling and sharing. 

So what is Circular Monday then?

Circular Monday is a non-profit initiative promoting a more sustainable consumption focused on the Circular Economy principles. Founded in 2017 in Malmö, Sweden, by the circular cloth-repair start-up Repamera AB, they played “the opposite game” with Black Friday revealing alternative options for people to consume what they need in a responsible and circular way.

Celebrated the Monday before Black Friday, which in 2021 is November 22nd, Circular Monday is the day of circular consumption. Not only that, similar to Fashion Revolution, the movement also happens on social media with organisations, influencers, businesses sharing pictures with the hashtag #circularmonday to spread the word on circular lifestyle. Besides, marketplaces like us, second-hand shops and repair services that are part of the movement give discounts on all their products and services! The reason why you can enjoy 10% off on all our products using the code CIRCULARMONDAY, don’t miss out!

But you might be asking yourself, it is just another day for shopping with discounts? Well, not really! It is a day to create awareness of a circular lifestyle the Earth is craving for. Unlike Black Friday, which promotes a linear consumption hysteria, and “Buy Nothing Day”, which protests against consumerism but is unrealistic for daily life, Circular Monday is about conscious consumption. Did you know that circular shopping actually decreases the amount of waste? Most circular products are made from recycled materials, repurposing trash and bringing it back to life in a valuable way. So it is much more than another shopping day. It is a moment to change your perspective on waste and embrace the circular lifestyle. Also, let’s be honest, shopping is fun, and there is no problem in enjoying a new purchase, as long as it is circular!

How do I get involved? 

Circular Monday is a global movement, so it is easy to participate. In Europe, you can easily take part by shopping for a circular product with us! For other parts of the world, check out the Circular Monday official database.

You can also participate by posting a photo on social media using the hashtag #circularmonday. Spread the word on the circular economy and try to connect your content to reuse, repair or rent as well as circular shopping. You can look at the official @circularmonday Instagram account for more inspiration.

Another easy way to participate is simply not shopping on Black Friday. Boycotting overconsumption is also a way to embrace a circular lifestyle!
Additionally, although we offer the best circular alternatives at our c-shop, we must remind you that Circular Monday goes beyond shopping for circular products. It is a celebration of a new way of producing and consuming things, keeping materials and products in the loop for as long as possible. So we hope to see you shopping with us this Monday, but we also encourage you to embrace the circular lifestyle altogether. Remember, the future only exists if it is circular!

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