About Yuma labs

Essentially Different

Not just another sunglasses brand

We are totally circular and essentially different. We consider ourselves a laboratory that designs iconic products that spark the conversation about a circular economy. Yuma Labs was founded with a rebellious spirit to experiment and rethink the way we make and use our everyday products. We love to challenge ourselves, our processes, partners and customers to produce high-quality eyewear from recycled materials. In other words: We design sustainable sunglasses that offer a completely different view —quite literally— on the role of waste in our society and environment. Yuma Labs grew out of W.R.YUMA.

We are on a mission

At Yuma Labs we have made a pledge to work against the stream, come up with disruptive business models and demonstrate that there are ways to build an economy without the need for planned obsolescence or continuous depletion of natural resources. We wish to offer a positive alternative to fast-consumption and slow down ever the accelerating mill of product disposal.

We are closing loops (again and again)

We live in a take-make-and-waste consumer society. But we also live on planet earth where there is, in essence, no such thing as waste. Since the very beginning of life, nature has continuously recycled all materials, again and again. The template for a circular economy is already here… we just ne

Yuma Labs’ production process honors the natural cycle and mimics it as closely as possible. All our raw material is traceable through batch control and rigorous production follow-up. We let it reach a maximum number of recycling loops, giving it momentary second (and third, and fourth…) lives of good looking sunglasses until it can go back into a larger recycling stream. All the while this continuous cycle gives us the opportunity to keep innovating our designs and adapt to —or even set— the latest trends. After all… Fashion follows a seasonal cycle too, right?

How Circular is Yuma labs?

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