About WAYZ

Sneakers with a humanistic footprint

WAYZ – Wave At Your Zest for Life

It’s a kind of a motto to remember that Life is worth living and, although some tough moments can make us loose our enthusiasm, we should enjoy every step of the journey.

WAYZ also refers to the word “ways”, the Ways of life (life is not a straight line).
The brand baseline is “Walk Your Way”, follow your passions, your dreams (and not what is socially acceptable) and you will surely have a purposeful and zestful life.

“Daniel and I (founders) started Wayz because we love sneakers and we wanted to found a Portuguese sneaker brand based on 3 pillars: Environmental responsibility (local sourcing and production, ethical factories, eco-friendly materials), Transparency (to let our customers know how their sneakers are made, by whom, where, with what) and Social Responsibility (giving back to society). Fed up with massified, low quality and hyper-trendy products, we decided to propose a long lasting sneaker, with timeless, genderless, seasonless and versatile design. Something to wear on every occasion, every time of the year, so our customers can maximize their investment.” Daniel & Pedro, Founders of WAYZ

How Circular is WAYZ?

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