About Waltic

Dare to change

Who is Waltic?

The story of Waltic began in Argentina. When the founder, Fede, was a child, his parents taught him to sail. “Since those years I learnt to value and respect nature, which inspired me to learn about sustainable development and design. I have seen plastic floating around rivers and oceans all over the world, so I decided to do something about it: take the most harmful object, and turn it into something new, something bold: a watch”.

How is Waltic circular and why do we love them?

Did you know that a plastic bag is considered a non recyclable plastic, because it depends on every city’s recycling infrastructure whether to recycle, and most of the recycling companies around the world don’t recycle them because it’s not profitable. Around 160.000 plastic bags are produced every second worldwide, and only 1% of them is recycled. What happens to the rest? They are thrown into landfills, rivers, or get burned.

Federico: “By using recycled plastic we are already saving two-thirds of the Co2 emitted compared to using regular plastic. We know it’s not perfect right now BUT is our starting point, our plan is to distribute different workplaces in the globe so we could produce locally. Also we retrieve the plastic from polluted areas in contact with nature so we are saving wildlife in the process.”

How Circular is Waltic?

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