About Tenue de Ville

Creator of the timeless wallpapers

Thanks to its artistic approach and its hand-drawn motifs, Alexia de Ville brings new atmospheres to the interiors since 2014 under her label TENUE DE VILLE.

Exclusive and Artistic Wallcoverings
Idealized landscapes, childhood memories, abstract daydreams, the collections by Tenue de Ville, adopt ethereal tones, and dare a singularity that transforms the walls and carries the imagination away.
Alexia takes on all mediums to give substance to her ideas, moving freely from engraving to collage, from drawing to photography, etc., before refining her research with graphic programs.
Each design is the conclusion of a long artistic research, a history of intern collaboration, a new perspective for your interior, hand drawn by Alexia de Ville and her team.

A local Production, respectful of our Environment

Author and Editor of High End Wallpapers, our collections are designed and produced in Belgium.
Indeed, Tenue de Ville‘s production is always part of a local and environmental approach. The inks used to print our collections are eco-friendly, and the Non-Woven paper used to print our designs is PVC free, as well as FSC certified, to ensure a sustainable management of our European forests.

How Circular is Tenue de Ville?

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