About Studio Achoo

Who is Studio Achoo?

Studio Achoo’s mission is to create innovative and sustainable products with a unique and timeless design. The main focus is to add value regarding quality, ergonomics, and ease of use.

The company is a passionate, flexible, and a creative product design agency, based in Belgium, and founded by Bart Van houcke. Their team is specialized in product, industrial, spatial, and conceptual design. They use their skills to design furniture, home accessories, and architectural lighting.

Meet Bart, founder of Studio Achoo:

“A new way to produce furniture with local plastic waste is possible by using 3D printing machines and designing in accordance with the technology. This way of design, together with the technology, could compete with current industrial processes offering a potential new form of industrialization with adaptable custom made products and offering a potential new way to create sustainable objects at an affordable price.

Using 3D printing, we design and produce furniture from local plastic waste. Our first collection, the “moro” collection (which means ‘fun’ collection) uses plastic waste from Belgium in order to produce and sell locally. It features a large collection of furniture products, including stools, lounge chairs, tables, etc., made out of locally recycled plastics.”


How is Studio Achoo circular and why do we love them?

With their brand black baboon, Studio Achoo designs custom-made furniture and objects for 3D printing. They offer their own exclusive line, a collection of furniture and objects for indoor and outdoor use, printed from recycled local plastics.

The amount of repurposed waste materials used to create their products:
100% in some products; 80% in others with 20% new materials needed for the technical parts.

How Circular is Studio Achoo?

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