About Skizo

From the ocean with love

Who is Skizo?

Skizo’s mission is to create environmental impact. By partnering with fishermen to clean up the ocean and collect plastic waste, Skizo aims to build a sustainable future for the next generations by creating circular shoes made out of plastic bottles. The shoes are handmade in Portugal, where shoemaking dates back to the 12th century, with a tradition of handmade work.

Currently, there are 150 million tons of plastic in the ocean. It is estimated that every minute the equivalent of a garbage truck is discharged into the sea.
We, humans, might be the problem, but we are also the ones who have the hope and the solution.
With Skizo, we create sneakers made of plastic collected from the ocean and transformed into a textile yarn, made by Portuguese artisans, and customized by the client.

How is Skizo circular and why do we love them?

Every pair of sneakers contains approximately half a kilo (1lb) of plastic, corresponding to 18 plastic bottles.
Aside from the circular components, comfort and durability are, of course, major factors they consider when creating their product.

When your Skizo shoes are worn out, Skizo offers a “end of life” program where you can return your shoes to them, and they repair them and gift them to someone in need.

Additionally, Skizo pays fishermen to collect waste from the ocean, particularly the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. They also partner with fishermen to gather plastic from oceans surrounding West Africa and as far as the Java Sea.

How Circular is Skizo?

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