About HNST

Turn your old jeans into the world’s most sustainable and honest denim collection

upcycled jeans brand

At HNST, we produce conscious denim that has absolutely nothing to hide. 

Today less than 1% of the material used to produce clothing is recycled into new clothing. The main reason for this lack of textile-to-textile recycling is that clothing is designed, produced and consumed following a linear way, that is, the take-make-waste model. 

Three years of extensive research and development resulted in HNST newest jeans collection, containing 56% recycled cotton, using 94% less water, and emitting 76% less CO2 compared to industry standards. 

For the production of HNST jeans, we only use cellulose-based materials, and do not include any petroleum based (plastic) fibers. 100% natural means we can recycle easily, that there is zero micro plastics shedding, and our HNST jeans can be efficiently processed in one and the same recycling stream.

We also believe that social and environmental sustainability go hand in hand. The HNST value chain is completely located within the borders of the EU. This is to ensure the highest quality, and social and environmental standards.

How Circular is HNST?

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