About doop

The last toothbrush you will ever buy

The first ever recycled and recyclable toothbrush with removable heads.

Made from recycled plastics and with removable heads: doop is the last toothbrush you will ever buy.

When doop began to analyze the sustainability market they were on a mission to create a positive change in daily behaviors. They paid particular attention to the dramatic amount of plastic that’s thrown away each day and doing harm to our planet. So, what if we embraced our plastic? What if we could transform it into a recycled and recyclable material that everyone can use daily? This is where the idea for doop started.

With the help of academics and scientists, they designed a sustainable and disruptive toothbrush that directly tackles the problem of plastic pollution by giving it a new life.

Doop is made of 87% recycled polypropylene and 13% nylon from the bristels. Their raw material is sourced from plastic cups like yoghurt ones, recovered from home pick up recycling services in the US and the EU. The polypropylene is then recycled and used to produce the cables and heads of the doop toothbrush.

Impactful on different levels

Using doop over a 5 year span reduces waste with 60 % water consumption with 45 % and energy demand with 39% compared to using a normal toothbrush.

To provide a better sense of the magnitude of savings achieved by doop, if all the EU citizens, (446 000 000 Million People-European Union (2019)) start using Doop, the correspondent weight of 1141 blue whales would be saved in terms of plastic waste. In terms of water consumption reduction for using Doop in the EU, the equivalent to 107 000 Olympic swimming pools would be saved.

Doop saves approximately 72% of plastic during its lifetime when compared with a traditional toothbrush.

A percentage of every sale is used by Ecologi to fund tree planting projects. This allows to offset their emissions and to have a positive impact on the communities where the trees are planted.

So no time to waste, shift to a doop toothbrush lifestyle.


How Circular is doop?

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