Ccrave is closed but we keep dreaming of a circular future

Boosting the circular economy transition has always been our mission from the start.
We contributed to more responsible production and systemic change of less instead of more, promoting conscious, transparent consumption and appreciation for the earth’s natural resources.

We started during the Covid outbreak, securing funding while the whole fashion industry and supply chain were upside down. We courageously took on the challenge as true driven impact entrepreneurs.

Despite growing interest and conversion, a larger community and lots of appreciation and stimulation, our mission is ending prematurely and abruptly due to factors out of our control. One is the hunger of investors for the quick and mindless acceleration of impact startups regardless of the time required to ignite change. In addition, to balance this with the daily pressure of financial viability of a starting content and e-commerce platform.

We end this business venture with gratitude for all the human connections, chances and learnings we received on this fascinating journey. The next one awaits us.

We built an exciting community of sustainability advocates all over Europe, people that like us, are craving a circular future. Thank you for your support and belief in Ccrave and the circular economy revolution. Do continue to be a force of circular change. The earth needs you.


The Ccrave Crew
Vincent – Beatriz – Mariana

What Ccrave was all about?

Boosting the circular economy revolution

Our C-Shop featured inspiring brands and beautifully designed waste-based and zero waste, high-quality products on home, fashion, and lifestyle. We partnered up with more than 20 brands and displayed about 400 circular products. 

Our C-Mag helped people to get the latest news on circularity, and shift to a more sustainable lifestyle.


Our C stands not only for Circular Economy but also for Closing the Loop, Cradle to Cradle, and of course, Change.

The Team that made it happen

The core Ccrave team is made up of Vincent, Beatriz and Mariana – 3 people hailing from different backgrounds from all over the world, but with one thing in common: the belief that the circular economy is the only way to protect the earth’s resources. Combining their professional experiences and interests, they have one common goal: push the circular movement forward.


Vincent Van Dessel

Ccrave’s founder Vincent describes himself as “an ex-adman who got a conscience”. After 17 years in the global advertising industry in executive roles In Europe & Asia, he embraced the world of Impact Entrepreneurship, to guide and boost social enterprises. Before launching his own impact venture. As a true advocate of the circular economy revolution, he founded Ccrave. After residing in various parts of Asia for 5 years, he returned to Europe and made Lisbon his home base. Inspired by Portugal’s beautiful nature, he decided to shift step by step, on a daily basis, from a linear to a circular lifestyle.


Beatriz Azevedo
Digital Marketing and Operations

Born and raised in Lisbon, Beatriz has lived the last 7 years in Copenhagen and Paris with her half-danish family of four. Her work experience has mostly been within the fashion industry as a Digital Marketeer, but she felt her days of fast-fashion were over and decided to shift to a promising circular business venture. She quit the city life and is living on her family farm to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle.


Mariana Lourenço
Content Editor & Social Media Manager

Mariana is a former fashion stylist, multi-skilled creator, magazine founder and let’s not forget to mention a full-time yogi with a passion for sustainability and circular economy. With 12 years of experience in the creative industries in Berlin, London and São Paulo, she uses her expertise to promote a positive impact message through thoughtful visual narratives and campaigns. Activist for a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry, vintage lover and skilled treasure hunter in thrift stores, her goal is to help people become mindful shoppers and learn how their consumer habits impact the world around them.

You can still access our content

Our articles are available at Medium, our podcast at Youtube, and we are still connected at our social media channels

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